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    Koostik Pivot - Natural Wooden Speaker for iPhone

    A handmade, all-natural wooden speaker for your iPhone. Passive amplification means no batteries or electricity used to amplify volume - It's Technology Made Natural.

    Currently going for $75.14

    24 days left

    1 ordered

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    Serenflipity: Turn Any Moment Into a Life-Changing Experience

    A new travel game designed to unlock adventure and self discovery.

    Currently going for $30.37

    7 days left

    96 ordered

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    The Steadfast Bracelet

    Handmade bracelets using traditional rope-tying methods.

    Currently going for $26.05

    15 days left

    17 ordered

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    Perspective Clocks

    The Perspective series are five clocks composed of straight lines, each demonstrating a different approach to the dimension of time.

    Currently going for $50.43

    10 days left

    11 ordered

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    With these Polystyrene ceiling tiles you can decorate your ceiling and walls with full creative freedom, creating a unique pattern whose rhythm and scale suits your room.


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    Pre-Shave Oil

    Superior Razor Glide and Protection


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    Passport sleeve allows to protect your passport


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    A label signature in a show-stopping earring piece.


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There are no projects that are live.

  • Skinny Wallet

    The timeless wallet. Next stage of evolution.

    100 ordered at $40.09

    Started at $49.08. 1st Buyer paid $39.32.

  • Ceramic Bamboo Tea Cups

    Ceramic tea cups moulded from bamboo stems

    21 ordered at $16.54

    Started at $20.79. 1st Buyer paid $16.22.

  • 'Frank' Wooden Bow Tie

    Imperfection that makes you perfect

    70 ordered at $27.04

    Started at $30.24. 1st Buyer paid $21.67.

  • jAnn - DIY wallet kit

    A 100% customizable wallet - handmade by you!

    30 ordered at $41.59

    Started at $41.59. 1st Buyer paid $38.14.

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