Skinny Wallet

by Shiok | Singapore, Singapore

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The timeless wallet. Next stage of evolution.

Update: Jul 6, 8:11 AM

Hi guys!


Check out these babies fresh from the studio. We've got the first 60+ here which are all the brown ones and some of the black ones (in green stitching). We will be mailing these out within the day. Fellow Singaporeans can expect them latest by Wednesday. It takes about a week to get to you guys in the States, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and New Zealand so hang in there!

And good news for the remainder of the black wallets as we are told by Uyii that they will be done by Wednesday so we'll send them right after! We hope to settle all delivery in a weeks time. 

Do share your experiences of getting your wallets for the first time on Instagram and Facebook as we'd like to be part of it too! Tag us so we can see it! @shiokmoments on Instagram and @shiokcollaborative for Facebook!

Till next time! Have a great weekend!

Leon and Kelvin



Update: Jun 21, 5:09 PM

Hi friends!

First off, Kelvin and I would like to extend to you our apologies for not having said hello earlier. We have been swamped with life from the likes of Kelvin acclimatising to his awesome new job as an Architect, to the intense conclusion of my 5 year Architecture course, followed by 2.5 weeks of in-camp-training (for our international supporters, Singaporean males undergo Military Service once a year). We are happy to say that we are transitioning fairly well. Here’s an update of the project’s progress. 


If you are following our Instagram page @Shiokmoments or Facebook page, Shiok Collaborative, you might have seen that your Skinny Wallet parts have been precision lasered and carefully debossed by hand with the subtle Shiok emblem, ready to come together for sewing about 3 weeks ago. 

The lasers behaved for the most part. There were one or two parts which weren’t cut cleanly to our liking. They were removed and will be used for prototyping where possible. There were no “misfires” during debossing which typically results in one or two substandard hits that are discarded to maintain the consistent quality that we aim for. Overall, this process was smooth.


On Uyii’s (our sewing collaborator) side, proud parents, Benny and Liping welcomed their first born baby boy into this world and have recently got back into action. He is very cute so we have rescheduled sewing production around baby Ruiyang to ensure that he is one happy kid, and stays happy. This translates into about half our orders being fulfilled by end June and the other half in end July (hopefully earlier). To ensure that your Skinny Wallets reach you as soon as possible, Liping is now sharing with more people at Uyii what she has discovered through the process of crafting a Skinny Wallet so that we have a few more caring hands working on it. And of course, more time for cutie Ruiyang. This also meant that I finally had the opportunity to get my hands in a bunch (for people who sew, pun intended ha-ha). So I tried sewing one of your Skinny Wallets and I can tell you that the level of detail and refinement that we all love is not easy to achieve at all. No worries, I kept the unsatisfactorily made one for myself. Hope to master Liping’s skill one day.


Due to production efficiencies which will benefit everyone as a whole, we have started on and will complete the red thread variation first before the green and blue thread variations. All in all, this timeline will ensure that you receive your Skinny Wallet in the shortest time possible while still ensuring maximum and consistent quality across the batch. We will ship these different coloured batches as and when they are completed instead of waiting for all 100 to be completed before dispatching them together. We felt that it just makes more sense to help some of our friends to use their Skinny Wallets earlier. Like, why not right?

We also heard that some of you might have bought them as gifts for other people and may need your Skinny Wallets soon. Do drop us an email if that is the case and we will see how we can work it out. 

Feel free to contact us if you need anything else! We really really look forward to getting these beauties in your hands!

Have a pleasant weekend guys!

Leon and Kelvin

Shiok Collaborative


We are Leon and Kelvin and we founded Shiok at the end of 2013. We began with a prototype wallet that Leon made for himself because he was too fussy about other wallets available around the world. After an almost exhaustive survey, he found they were too thick, too messy, too complicated, too obtrusive, too gimmicky and lacking meaning. Making one was the only way out. Finally, a truly authentic and satisfying wallet was born. 

Us at the inaugural Made in Singapore Market

Through our process of making wallets for our friends as delightful gifts to understand their intimate needs, or collaborating with Uyii to understand personally, crafting by hand sewing to crafting by machine sewing, we knew we had to base our work in Singapore. We had unknowing established an ecosystem as we went along, by naturally working with what we had, and it was so refreshing. Our friends, professors, mentors, the flea market community and the maker community have enriched our journey in making the best possible wallet, right in our own home; more than any distant outsourced expertise would have.

Preliminary designs and prototypes


We are determined to explore this home-made, truly Singaporean ecosystem as we believe that this is the only way to create products that we can feel most passionate about, that we can love. And now with Haystakt, another home-grown project, marks another outreach for us and we wish to invite you to share in this with us.

"I believe that as a whole, we have only just scratched the surface of creating collaborative relationships in this new era; as we gel together to solve everyday life problems through design. And naturally, uniquely Singaporean solutions will emerge."
- Leon Yzelman


Designing for you

Skinny Wallet is a re-imagination of the wallet as a personal space. Its clear and ordered design is what evokes an experience of intimacy not seen before in wallets. By reordering the hierarchy of elements in the traditional wallet, it intuitively becomes just you and the things you care about the moment you open it. 

It is crafted so you see precisely what is important. Everything else is tucked away. Being made with jeans tag label, over time the material forms a patina and shape, conditioned by daily usage to create a wallet that is truly unique to you. It is made with the minimum material possible and its 

size is just right for daily use. We assure you that every detail has been lovingly thought through. Its sophistication is in its simplicity.

"It is a redefinition of one's lifestyle. The slim profile allows one to bring only what is necessary. With a minimalist design, the wallet highlights one's individuality by reminding him of what matters to his heart most."
- Kelvin Ng


Our closest memories are captured through photos in our everyday lives.
Skinny Wallet is a reimagination of a personal space, strippi
ng away excess to reveal only what is important; these memories that we carry with us daily. 


Everything else is tucked away to enable the unobtrusive design. When an element doesn't need to be there, it's not there. 

The Skinny Wallet is not only meant to redefine what a wall
et should be, but also to enrich human connection. Hence touch is central to the design from the way it is used, to the way it feels. 

The wallet is fully functional as well! In our pursuit for a minimalist wallet, we still paid attention to the daily usability of the wallet. With a capacity to hold up to 10 cards, the wallet still holds a sizable capacity for your everyday use.

Skinny Wallet without cards / with cards

Regular wallet without cards / with cards

Skinny Wallet now comes in 5 colour options.

  • Black with red or green stitching; 
  • Brown with red, green or blue stitching. 

Sharing it with you!

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished thus far and we hope to share the delight with you too! With this collective platform, it is now possible to do it at an even lower price!

Risks & Challenges

Sewing is a whole new craft to us. Trained as architects, we have no former knowledge of stitching and fabric. Nevertheless, we understand that good design comes from a series of prototyping and refinements. This compels us to gradually master the craft from scratch as we see it through the various stages of production. 

Do undo redo. The first design is never the best and final one. This is our take to ensure the best possible product for our customers. The Skinny Wallet that stands before our valued customers now, is one that had underwent countless refinements based on feedback from our peers, advice from our experienced sewing collaborators, and also from our personal use and tests. It is a long and tedious process but we strongly believe it is all worth it. As such, this experience and established collaborative relationship with Uyii will put us in good stead to meet this production demand.

We are small but we dream big. Being new in the craft making scene constantly results us in making calculated risks with a conservative budget and operation scale. This translates to operating below a cost efficient volume. However with your support, we will be able to better commit our resources to meet a higher standard of production efficiency, so we can bring you the best possible quality at the lowest price possible.

Our current online retail pricing stands at S$64. Through this step, we would be able to bring down our cost price to S$52, thereby helping 100 people save S$1200 altogether if we reach our maximum goal!

The seller hasn't provided information about project risks and challenges yet.

Expected Completion & Delivery

Late June 2014

The seller hasn't provided information about expected completion and delivery timings yet.




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About the maker


Singapore, Singapore

About Shiok

(she - oak)
From Singlish, an English-based creole spoken colloquially in Singapore. Use to express happiness/ pleasure/ satisfaction. 

Shiok, everybody knows this feeling and we think there needs to be more of it. 

At Shiok, we like to reflect on the human condition. We put the human being at the center of our endeavors; designing collaboratively to discover pleasurable daily experiences of objects that enrich our everyday lives. Emotions and behaviors are at the core of our research and exploration. We hope to delight people through the fruit of our rigorous thinking and experimentation that are the sensual manifestation of this ideal.

Being designed and made in Singapore, we hope to rekindle in our own way, the spirit of natural community in this home we love. 

Team Shiok

Leon Yzelman

Leon is currently juggling a few balls at once, his M.Arch coursework at NUS, aquascaping, a few pots of plants and dreaming up the next delightful thing to play with in his hands. And for some reason, he loves paper, and touching things. 

He believes that good design should share an intimacy with its user, be in touch with everyday life and serve human, (not robots).

When he isn't working, he is probably DIY-ing his room or serving up some aces at a tennis court. He thinks that with his excellent feel for the ball, he would be Singapore's top player, if he had started playing at 3.

Kelvin Ng

Kelvin grew to love art since young. From vandalizing the wall of his home back then to his mega structure lego masterpieces and finally exploring the realm of architecture now. Slowly but surely, being a designer is his calling. 

Born raised in Singapore, Kelvin was bred with a heartland chill. He enjoys occasion coffee shop talks with his kakis. He believes that this is where great ideas can often spin off from over such casual session of kopi

Besides designing, sometimes he secretly thinks he has a hidden talent in culinary. Maybe... one day... 

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